Green Impact

Mufti Day
Green Bay High School is proud of its name – literally!

Our Green Impact Mufti Day (held today) helped to promote the message about becoming a Zero Waste school through a plastic/paper free lunch box competition.

Students and staff were encouraged to dress in ‘Sustainability Green’ by wearing recycled op shop clothing, or opting to go logo-free and avoiding the larger commercial brands that potentially exploit overseas workers.

Another Green Impact initiative is replacing disposable gloves for our regular rubbish duty, with tongs and buckets. Rather than adding to the rubbish being collected, using disposable gloves bound for landfill, the group came up with an idea to use tongs instead, which can be reused over and over again.

Pictured above is a great example of a Zero Waste lunch box, from a Year 9 student. Yes, there is plastic but at least its not single use! A fantastic effort!!

Little differences we make today mean big changes for tomorrow!