Business is Booming!

Entrepreneurial Enterprises
Pictured above left is Michael Sperber selling Lolly-Lei’s, with Josh Rockwell and James Arthars pictured on the right, selling bags of Popcorn as part of their Business venture, aptly named Carnival Pop.

The stalls were a great experience, showcasing students’ business and marketing plans. Other entrepreneurial treats on offer were “Spin to Win” where you had a chance to double your money, or win a free bag of lollies. This idea was the brain child of Adam Holdaway, Thomas Forrest-Dawson, Rico Spray, and Nathan Kleine Deters.

Bubble Tea was sold by Charlee Irwin, Bethan Webster, Estelle Alai, Catherine Nguyen and Mika O’Neill; and Berry Smoothies by Yi Fei Han, Ashque Cabales, Jaymee Clark-McLennan, and Sophia-Lei Matthews.

Raffle tickets for a hamper containing sweet and savoury nibbles, was sold by Lily Derham, Star Jackson, Margaret Black, and Maddison Phillips. Congratulations to the winner: Heather Eccles (Social Sciences teacher).

Soft Drinks and Sweet Treats were for sale by Sal Burson, Max Hansford, and Benjamin McNaughton. Iceblocks were sold by Austin Queenin, Devereaux Sorby, and Danny Stoffels-Butlin.

The very popular Lolly-Lei stand, by Isaac Howlett, Abisht Konka, Michael Sperber, Liam-Vince Palis, Coen Roberts and Eric Yang were in hot demand, selling out fast!