House Competition

School Values
Green Bay High School’s annual Year 10 Softball Day saw teams competing in their form classes in a round-robin softball tournament culminating in a final to determine who will be crowned the ‘best’ Year 10 softball team!

Congratulations to Form Class: W10WOO who were awarded the school Spirit Award for demonstrating each of the five school values (Excellence, Courage, Respect, Responsiveness) during yesterday’s Softball Day.

Classes were allocated a country to represent, and the colour, costumes, and camaraderie on display was phenomenal! It was a great day with plenty of competitive fair play, colour, banter and fun had by everyone.

Pictured above are Lee van Antwerp and Emily Chen (W10WOO) representing South Africa; and Zella Keddell-Stone (M10NIC) with her eye on the ball, about to connect and get on base for Kenya.