We’re here for you

Youth Work at Green Bay High School is a partnership – it is about local communities working together.

Through an organisation called ’24-7′  five Youth Workers from local churches (Titirangi Baptist Church and Glen Eden Salvation Army) are on site in our school for approximately 35 hours per week.

Check out the Youth Work website by clicking here: greenbayyouthwork.com/

Youth workers at Green Bay High School aim to:

• Support students and staff, complementing and enhancing the role of teachers.
• Build positive relationships between students, students and staff, and other significant adults.
• Cultivate school spirit by creating a safe and friendly environment at school.
• Develop leaders – encouraging and strengthening individual students in leadership roles
• Integrate students with suitable out of school activities.

Our Youth workers are part of the 24-7 Youth Work organisation, working in Green Bay High School, and are involved in…
 One-on-one mentoring
 Running small personal development groups
 Thursday Free Breakfasts every week
 Hanging out at break times with students
 Facilitating Live for Tomorrow group
 Student Leadership Development
 Assisting with classes
 Supporting school events & trips

Where to find us…
The majority of our work happens in the Youth Workers Hub, located in E Block opposite the Careers room.

How to contact us…
Please feel free to chat with us about how we can support you and your students. We are happy to help!
You can email Brianna at [email protected]