Chantal Gallagher

Year 11
In a previous newsletter we featured Bharati Sonukumar (Year 12) and the news of her selection on the shortlist in the search of a Youth MP for New Lynn. As well as Bharati as a shortlisted candidate, we are pleased to now be able to announce that Year 11 student Chantal Gallagher (pictured above) has been selected by MP Deborah Russell as the Youth MP of New Lynn!

Five students, including Bharati and Chantal, from the New Lynn electorate were short listed by MP Deborah Russell to represent both her and the community.

It was during a class History lesson that Chantal realised she had an opportunity to put herself forward for the position. As the Youth Parliament selection is held every three years, Chantal’s father also encouraged her to pursue her passion in politics.

Chantal has had an interest in politics since the grand old age of 9(!) and has helped in a number of political campaigns throughout the years, door knocking and handing our pamphlets with her father.

“Being the Youth MP will give me an insight on the whole aspect of politics and how parliament works,” says Chantal, who is hoping to follow a career path of becoming a political journalist when she finishes school.

The 2019 programme will run from 1 March to 31 August. Each Youth MP will be mentored by their MP, helping to build confidence while enhancing a better understanding of the role of an MP and of the communities they represent. The Youth MP will also take part in a two-day event taking place on 16 & 17 July in Parliament.

Congratulations Chantal!