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What are some of the issues affecting young people today? Friendships? Making good decisions and choices? Being safe? Feeling good about who they are? These are some of the questions which will be discussed during our annual Year 10 Health Day.

Green Bay High School’s Pastoral Care team organised and ran our first ever Health Day last year, which was such a successful event that it has become an annual feature on our school calendar. Students in Year 10 will attend a number of workshops over the course of the day involving topics related to: good decision making, being cyber safe, healthy relationships, dealing with the stresses of being a teenager, and discussing topical issues with their peers.

These workshops are mainly delivered by outside agencies, who provide expert and thought-provoking advice and guidance for our students.  Participation and involvement are key components of the day, and plenty of practical and fun activities enables students to absorb information in an interactive format. If you need further information, please contact Sandy Begg.