Congratulations to Henry Frear who has been awarded the Top Student in New Zealand, for Scholarship English.

As well as scoring the top marks in the country in the Scholarship English exam, receiving an Outstanding Scholarship, Henry also did exceptionally well in Scholarship Biology, and Scholarship History.

New Zealand Scholarship awards are regarded as the most prestigious secondary school academic award in the country, offering financial rewards for those going on to full-time tertiary study in New Zealand. Students sitting New Zealand Scholarship exams are assessed on their ability to demonstrate and apply knowledge, understanding, skills and ideas to complex situations.

Green Bay High School is very proud to announce the following OUTSTANDING and SCHOLARSHIP recipients:

Outstanding Scholarships:
English: Henry Frear
Painting: Ruby Oliver
English: Eva-Rae McLean

English: Jack Hassell
Biology: Henry Frear
History: Henry Frear
Physics: Eva-Rae McLean
Photography: Crista Burnett
Food and Nutrition: Erin McGuire

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