Issue 2 (2020)

14 February 2020
This week has been our first full week of the year and it has been great seeing students and teachers getting into the rhythm of learning. It has been fantastic seeing students wearing their uniform with pride both at school and out in the community.

We are working hard to finalise our Annual Plan and the goals that we are working towards this year. Our goals are to;

  1. Improve achievement in NCEA at Level 1, 2 and 3
  2. Maximise student engagement in learning
  3. Strengthen relationships with the local community

You’ll hear more about the different things we are doing to help us meet these goals over the course of the year.

Many students juggle school work with other activities that they really enjoy. Although it is really important to not become too overloaded, the benefits of being involved in sport, the arts and cultural activities are huge. Currently, students are being encouraged to sign up for summer sports and for the range of other activities we also offer at Green Bay High School. On Monday night Sports Director Hamish McKay is running an information evening so that you can find out more about what is on offer. We would also love it if we could tap into the sporting skill and knowledge of our community, so if you would like to be involved in our sports programme, please get in touch with Hamish (his contact details can be found in this week’s newsletter).

Next week we will also have an NCEA information evening on Wednesday, particularly for those parents who are new to NCEA.

Click here to read this week’s school Newsletter.

Have a great weekend.
Fiona Barker PRINCIPAL