Future Young leaders

Empowering Women
Pictured (above) are Sylvie-Rose Strange, Zoe Angove, Mikayla Battersby, Willa Langeveld-Simpson, Eve McLoughlin and Olivia Picard.

Written by Willa Langeveld-Simpson (Year 13)

‘Wāhini Kākano’ is centered around empowering young women in New Zealand, providing them with information, and allowing them to feel strong and powerful in their decision making.

On Monday this week, myself, along with five other Year 12 and 13 students, were lucky enough to attend ‘Wāhini Kākano’, or ‘The New Zealand Young Women’s Festival’. The event was established this year by Lizzie Marvelly – musician, and founder of Vilanesse, a blog intended to inspire and educate young women on relevant global topics.

We all woke up early on Monday morning, and arrived at school ready for a day of collective female empowerment. The day consisted of three panels that we all attended, and two other workshops that were decided for us, depending on our individual interests. The panels discussed things such as being confident in your identity, having an awareness of your future, and what it means to be an adult. These panels were well informed and the conversation allowed us, as audience members, to tap into what the incredible speakers were trying to get across.

We all left ‘Wāhini Kākano’ feeling overwhelmingly inspired. The panels and workshops had opened all our minds to new ideas and perspectives, some of which we are super excited to introduce into Green Bay High School’s bubble.

It was amazing to have been exposed to people from different walks of life than our own, and to be able to learn something from their personal experiences. We are all incredibly grateful to have been given this opportunity to attend the festival, and we all hope to bring positive change into the school using the knowledge we gathered.

Personally, I would like to thank Chris Jordan for selecting us to take part in the festival; Anjie Savage for escorting us, and being a fantastic van driver; and the five beautiful young women I had the opportunity to go with. The passion you five hold for the future is incredibly inspiring, and it feels amazing to know that there are other people out there who share my goals and aspirations!