Civil Rights

Integrating theory with real life
A group of Social Sciences students, accompanied by HOD Hannah Hopkins and Year 9 Dean/Senior History teacher Leah Stewart, went to the USA during the term 1 break, to further investigate the Black Civil Rights History.

Year 12 students Madison Allden, Jaya Ramji and Marise Reiher wrote the following article about their amazing experience.

After 21 long hours of many plane rides and airport stops we had finally arrived in Bill & Hillary Clinton International Airport in Little Rock Arkansas of the United States, ready for our expedition across the United States in which we’d visit the many famous historical sites that we had been studying all about for the past term being the black civil rights movement of the 1960s in America.

In Little Rock, we went to the Little Rock Central High School, which was initially an all white high school that tried to stop attempts to racially integrate, causing world wide controversy. Next, we arrived in Memphis and visited Elvis Presley’s home in Graceland. Our next destination was Birmingham where we visited the 16th Street Baptist Church where we were warmly welcomed to sit and watch one of their services, being the day of their 146th anniversary, we also visited the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute.

After Birmingham, we headed to Montgomery. In Montgomery, we got to visit many historical places such as the Rosa Parks Museum and Library as well as the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s home and the church at which he was a pastor. Once we had finished in Montgomery we flew to Washington DC. While at Washington DC we not only learned more about the civil rights movement but got an insight into the American culture by going to a baseball game and taking a bike tour around the national mall. After a good few days in Washington DC, we went to our final destination, New York City.

In New York City we got walk around the well-known Central Park as well as a lot of the city, we also got to watch an amazing Broadway show, To Kill a Mockingbird. We met so many knowledgeable and amazing people along the way. Overall the trip was a spectacular, eye-opening experience that broadened our views and allowed us to make some amazing new friendships.