Dear families

It has been a week of mixed emotions for us all. On one hand there was real relief at being able to shut the school, it felt like that was the single biggest thing that we could do to help keep our community safe. 

On the other hand, working out what level 4 lockdown means, and will continue to mean, for each one of us is really challenging.

I have been absolutely blown away by the way our GBHS staff have stepped up to the challenge of creating learning opportunities for our students that are meaningful and relevant. Although our GBHS ‘GO’ (our going online learning structure) won’t start until after the break (Wednesday, April 15th), teachers have already been working incredibly hard to prepare for the new online learning structure.

I have also been overwhelmed by the support of our community – the messages on Facebook, emails and the feedback that has filtered into the school. Each of these messages has made a real difference, and knowing that we have your support is incredibly important. Although these are unpredictable times, as we move into GBHS GO, the one thing I can be sure of is that there will be things that don’t go quite to plan. I am absolutely confident, however, that we will continue to problem solve over the next few weeks and that we will find a way to resolve unexpected challenges.

The term break has been brought forward and will start on Monday, March 30th through to Tuesday, April 14th inclusive and Term 2 will start on Wednesday, April 15th.

We are currently preparing our GBHS GO parent and student online information booklets which you will receive later this week. ‘GO’ weeks don’t start until after the break on Wednesday, April 15th. The information contained in these online booklets include;

  • What learning online will look like while school is closed
  • How and when learning will be delivered each week
  • Information on how to sign up for the Google Classroom Guardian Summary
  • How to connect to Zoom and how Zoom video conferences will be controlled

Over the two week break, the most important thing is that we all take time to prioritize the needs of family and loved ones. Please be reassured that we are well-placed to support your child’s learning when the GO weeks begin.

Thank you again for your on-going support and we will be in touch again soon.

Fiona Barker, PRINCIPAL