Uniform Survey

Feedback Wanted
Our school uniform generally serves us well, but we are wanting to make some changes in response to feedback we have received from parents, staff and students.

The feedback is not about having a uniform, but how the uniform is being worn. We are keen to make a constructive response to matters raised which include:

Skirts: Skirt style is frequently mentioned as a problem. The straight style is quite limiting for students in terms of movement, particularly if worn too short. The skirt is not intended to be short but over time that has been a trend we have noticed and found difficult to enforce. The same skirt that meets our grooming standard when a student is in Year 9, is unlikely to do so when that student has grown taller in Year 11 and 12, particularly when it has been shortened. In addition, much feedback has referenced the lack of warmth in the skirts over the long period of cooler weather in Terms 2 to mid Term 4.

Woollen jumpers: We are not selling very many of these now. While they look tidy and are warm, the feedback about them is that they are difficult to launder and quite ‘itchy’ on the skin. The use of non-regulation hoodies or other items has become more apparent and is compromising the notion of a school uniform.

Shirts and blouses: These items do not launder well over time. The white colour looks good for about a year then can become discoloured without careful washing processes. Despite this, many local schools have copied the design and the uniqueness of it has now disappeared.

Jacket: This is not warm enough, especially where students are not purchasing jerseys. In addition the jacket colour is subject to fading over time. The style is somewhat dated also.


In discussion with our manufacturer – ARGYLE – we have some ideas to share about how the issues identified by our community can be addressed. The suggestions are:

  1. A new skirt style – pleated back and front and designed to fit all sizes more comfortably and appropriately in a school setting
  2. Replace the current jersey and jacket with a new ‘all purpose’ jacket that is both warm and shower proof.
  3. Redesign the shirts and blouses in a fabric that is easy care and more distinctively identifies our students as members of our school.
    The cost is unlikely to be very different from the current outlay made by families, although the increase in the amount of fabric in the skirt will be reflected in the price.

Any changes would be phased in so that current uniform items will be acceptable for a period of time – 2 years would seem reasonable.

Whatever changes are implemented, we will also move our uniform purchasing process on-line for next year, so families can easily order new uniform items anytime and have delivery to the door.
This will incorporate WINZ arrangements.

There will be opportunities to try on products at school where sizing is a concern.

We would appreciate your feedback on these proposed changes. Please CLICK HERE to complete our survey. This survey closes at midday on Saturday, 19 May, 2018.