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Rules and Protocols

Be prepared. Read what is expected of you BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER your exam.

You must not be dishonest or break the rules in any way. The school will investigate any alleged breach of the rules and may cancel your results if the breach is proven.

Before the exam

Exam timetable
School exams in Term 3 are up to three hours in length – make sure that you know how long you have and which standards you are facing.
The Term 3 exam timetable will be available to view shortly – a copy will also be displayed on the notice board at student reception.

Other than Year 13s, students are to attend exams or revision/study in school in uniform. If a student is in the incorrect uniform they will be sent to Student Reception to remedy the matter.

Exam materials
You are responsible for taking the correct equipment to the exam and making sure that it is working. Bring your own equipment into the exam room in a clear plastic bag.
You can take:
Pens (permissible colours are black and blue), pencils and an eraser;
An approved calculator for subjects where you have used a calculator during the year.
Calculators must be silent, hand-held, non-printing and work from their own power. You can confirm what is allowed in a specific exam by talking to your teacher.

Banned items
Do not bring the following items into the exam room:
Blank paper or refill paper.
Correcting fluid.
Books, written notes or electronic notes.
Cellphones or pagers.
Any electronic devices except approved calculators.

On the day of the exam

Arrive at least 15 minutes before the exam starts. If you are more than 30 minutes late, you will not be able to enter the exam room. Students should put their bags at the front of the room.

In the exam room:
At all times, listen to and follow the instructions of the supervisor.
Sit at the desk where you are told to sit.
When you are told, check that all pages in each exam booklet are printed correctly.
If you have any problems put up your hand.
You cannot leave in the first 45 minutes or the last 15 minutes of the examination, even to use the toilet (emergencies are obviously treated on a case by case basis). You may not leave a one hour exam early.

During the exam

Do not borrow equipment from someone else.
Do not talk to, communicate with, or do anything to disturb other candidates.
Do not read or copy another candidate’s work.

Writing your answers

Follow all the instructions on the front cover of the exam booklet.
Use only black or blue pen. Do not write in pencil unless instructed to do so.
Write neatly, so the marker can read your answers.
Cross out any work you do not want marked.
Do not write or draw anything that may be regarded as offensive.
Do not write your answers for one standard in the answer booklet for another.
If you have filled up your answer booklet, you may request extra paper.
Put your name at the top of any additional sheets of paper provided and put them inside the answer booklet.

At the end of your exam

Stop writing when the supervisor tells you to. Hand all material to be marked to the supervisor before you leave. If you take any work outside the examination room, it will not be marked.