Beck Busch (Year 12)

Fun Cursor
Year 12 student and the recipient of the Level 2 Digital Technologies Programming Top in Subject award is already well on the way to a promising career in software development.

Beck Busch dedicated some spare time towards developing his own Google Chrome extension that allows users to change their mouse cursor in their browser. The extension has the following features:

– Can change the cursor to one of several preset designs.
– Can use any image from the internet as a cursor (as long as its smaller than 128×128)
– Can change cursor via popup so you don’t have to leave your tab.
– Image Uploader allows you to use images from your computer

The extraordinary thing about this extension is that as of publishing this newsletter, the extension has over 122,000 users! If you are keen to have a go with Beck’s extension click here:

Great work Beck! You are a shining example of the young and aspiring talent we have in our school, and no doubt your hard work and dedication will be evident in your role as a student leader in 2019.