Student Trustee elections are taking place on Tuesday 23 September, 2014

Read their Candidate statements below and make an educated choice!

Bethany Laycock

My name is Bethany Laycock and I wish to run for the position of student Board of Trustees Representative for 2015.
Throughout my Green Bay high school years, I have been gaining experience by involving myself in school activities such as; class councillor, open days and helping mentor a year 9 class. Outside of school, I am a Girls Brigade student leader, a children’s church leader and am working on my Queens Award. Through my Queens Award I have been responsible for organising and running events, camps and am the Auckland Youth Representative on the Girls Brigade National Leadership Board. I believe these opportunities have enabled me to advocate for the rights and needs of my fellow students.

I would like the role of student on the Board of Trustees, as I feel I am able to communicate confidently, I am approachable, and enthusiastic. I want to build a positive school culture, which establishes good student, teacher and community links.

I would like this role to gain experience at seeing how schools are run at a macro level, and to input ideas to progress our Green Bay Whanau. With your support, I look forward to continuing to serve the school and community, empowering students to always do their best.


Elja Murphy

My name is Elja Murphy and I wish to run for the position of Student Board of Trustees Representative for 2015.
I am a confident and reliable student who has been involved in numerous leadership roles in and outside of school. These include leading Youth Groups, leading at Youth Camps and at Church groups. These roles have allowed me to make friendships with many of you from all year levels as well as making connections with our local community. These opportunities have given me, what I believe to be the skills needed to successfully represent our student body’s voice.

I wish to become your Representative because I believe that every student in Green Bay High School, no matter what year level, grades or personal interests they may have should have equal access to opportunities and have a voice within the school. At times within my academic career I have found difficulty within these areas myself – with what seems little place to turn. I want to be that place where you can voice your concerns, your issues or thoughts with the knowledge that your voice is valued, and your concerns and thoughts will be followed up.


Lucy Hall

My name is Lucy Hall and I have made the decision to run for the position of Board of Trustees Student Representative in 2015.
I am a reliable, positive and confident student who is hard working and approachable. I am an active member of the Green Bay High School community, and throughout my four years here at school I have been involved in mentoring junior students, coaching netball teams and playing in sport teams myself.

Therefore, I feel as though I have got to know many students across all year levels within the school. This means that with the help of my effective communication skills, I will be able to represent your views to the board within the collective student voice.

I would like to become the person behind said student voice because I would love the opportunity to hold such a responsible and rewarding role within the school. I also feel as though I have all the skills required to deliver the views of my peers to the board, and would enjoy being able to contribute towards making Green Bay High School the best place it can be for all of us students.


Max Skerlj-Rovers

My name is Max Skerlj-Rovers and I wish to run for the position of student Board of Trustees Representative for 2015.
I am an outgoing, engaged Year 12 student who enjoys cool things like hanging out with my friends, playing the piano (not very well) and
eating. Over the years I have played in school sports teams, engaged in mentoring, and been involved in great events like the school music
night. I run as a candidate with the firm belief that, while it may not always feel like it, with parents worrying, and teachers nagging,
school is, above all, about us,the students.

I’m committed to taking your ideas for how it could improve to the Board of Trustees. One reason I am applying for the Student Trustee position is because I am interested in a career in politics, and feel that arguing with a room full of adults would be great training for this. Above all,  however, I am passionate about making Green Bay the best school it can be. While it’s already well on the way there, what is needed now are your input and ideas – a vote for me is a vote to get those ideas heard.