Election RESULTS

The election for the role of Student Trustee on the Board of Trustees (2019) was held on Monday 10 September, 2018. The successful candidate was Jasper O’Kane who got the majority of the vote. There was a huge turnout of student voters, which was evidence of the significant interest raised by the Campaign.

Congratulations to Jasper who will serve as the Student Trustee on the Board in 2019. The current Trustee, Christian Browne, will provide him with guidance and support as he prepares for this role next year and the Board looks forward to working with him.

The other Candidates were: Beck Busch, Isabella Collings, Bharati Sonukumar, Sophia Wright. They will provide Jasper with any additional support that he may require throughout 2019.

All Candidates carried out their campaign in a manner that reflected our school values and should be acknowledged as the excellent role models that they are. We thank them for their involvement in the democratic process of determining the Student Trustee.

If you would like to read the Candidate Statements, as published in our recent school newsletter, please click here.