How can we help you?

Positioned at the back of the administration building. The Student Services reception area is a busy ‘hub’ of the school, where students go when they want to know anything about what is going on!

  • Need to see a dean or counsellor?
  • Need a copy of your timetable?
  • Late to school?
  • Leaving school early for an appointment?
  • Feeling unwell?

Student Services’ front person is Julie Southey. Julie is also our Attendance Officer and Deans’ Assistant.



If students are feeling unwell, they need to report to their teacher, and ask permission to attend the Health Centre.

Our Health Centre First Aider is Clare Thomas 817-8173 ext 253

Staff in the Student Services will ring home (if required) to contact parent or guardian. Students are requested not to contact parents themselves.

It is important to update the school with medical information and contact phone numbers, as required, in the case of an emergency.

The school does not:

  • give out medication to students
  • treat injuries or renew dressings to injuries, which have happened at home or out of school
  • provide day care for students who should have not come to school in the first place

If students have been involved in an accident at school, it must be reported to the office as soon as possible.


Students can access the services of Lumino The Dentists.  Lumino bring their mobile clinic to Green Bay High School annually, and see all students who have enrolled to use the service. It is free, and available to all our students.

Enrolment packs are available from our school Reception.

–          If you are enrolled in the service you will have an appointment organised for you.

–          You will receive a note to leave class to visit the clinic at the time of your appointment.

–          Your attendance will be recorded.