Student Leaders

Green Bay High School encourages our young leaders of tomorrow to reach their full potential and take advantage of leadership opportunities.

Students are given the opportunity to learn and showcase their leadership talents through various roles within House Leadership, sporting and cultural activities. Our expectation is that all Year 13 students will provide leadership to the rest of the school and be positive role models for all our students. This is especially true for those students who are selected as school leaders in Year 13.

Student Leaders get to know each other better while learning of each other’s strengths and weaknesses during their Leadership Camp, held before the start of the school year.

Students Supporting Students: 

The Students Supporting Students leadership team will work throughout the year to assist their fellow students, offering guidance and advice in order to help them with their studies at Green Bay High School. Homework Centre and Academic Counselling are just some of the ways Students Supporting Students help their peers.

Social Awareness: 

The student Social Awareness leadership team will support our school in areas such as community growth, fundraising and raising awareness for a wide range of relevant topics. Shave For A Cure is a highlight for many, raising money and awareness for a great cause. This year, the school held a Wacky Wig/Hilarious Hair Day in conjunction with Shave For A Cure – for those students (and staff) who were not brave to undergo the great shave! The NZ Blood Drive and Light it Orange events were well organised with a high level of student (and staff) participation.

School Spirit:

The student School Spirit team will work to promote positivity,  teamwork and involvement for all. Frequent assemblies held throughout the year keep students aware of upcoming school events. Athletics day, always a fun and colourful event; and MasterChef are just a number of House competitions organised by the School Spirit team. Of course the coveted House Trophy, awarded to the House with the most points at the end of the year is something to strive towards!