Student Leaders

Green Bay High School encourages our young leaders of tomorrow to reach their full potential and take advantage of leadership opportunities.

Students are given the opportunity to learn and showcase their leadership talents through various roles within House Leadership and other sporting and cultural activities. Our expectation is that all Year 13 students will provide leadership to the rest of the school and be positive role models for all our students. This is especially true for those students who are selected as school leaders in Year 13.

2016-leaders-for-webStudents Supporting Students

Ciara Doran, Yasmin Esapour, Leonardo Flores, Erin Haszard, Isla McNiel, Paige Rundle, Regan Tahu
It has been an exciting but busy year for the 2016 Students Supporting Students team as we worked to have the best year yet! Our role involves supporting our peers so they can be the best they can, both inside and outside the classroom. We tackled this challenge with enthusiasm, lots of laughs and just enough seriousness to get the job done. We continued the Tutor Cards where students wanting extra help were paired with excelling Year 13 students to achieve success; ran the Genius Bar every week at Homework Centre and were involved in the mentoring of Year 11 excellence students to ensure they had the best opportunity to succeed. As well as supporting students academically, we also wanted to encourage our peers to succeed outside the classroom. We provided fellow senior students with opportunities to become involved in wider school life by taking charge of the annual Anzac Day poppy collections and being involved in tutoring younger students.  An initiative we began this year was the GBHS Study Support facebook group, which provides another platform for students to ask for advice and tips from their peers, as well being a great tool for sharing useful resources and information. We hope that this forum will develop in future years to help improve the connections between students and expand our collective knowledge.   Students Supporting Students – wishing you all the best for the future!

Social Awareness: 

Liam Bird, Jaime Main, Ruby Colwell, Toby Gaire, Josh Rundle, Ella Rutland, Gabrielle Stoddard, Xanthe Brookes
Our goal for this year was to support our school in many areas such as community growth, fundraising and raising awareness for a wide range of relevant topics.
We are a very collaborative group, working within all areas of Green Bay High School and not just focusing on our own group activities but helping the other student leaders, teachers and individual students as well. In Term 1 we organised a mufti day to help raise money for a refugee program that is run through the Red Cross. Before the mufti day we carried out a number of presentations at each of the House assemblies to give students a better understanding regarding why refugees were such an important minority group to help and to provide students with more information. It was especially relevant with all the talk in the media about refugee quotas and the treatment of refugees, especially with our own National discussion about raising New Zealand’s refugee quota.
In Term 2 we organised a very successful One Can, Two Can collection for the Auckland City Mission. The idea of One Can Two Can is, instead of students bringing a monetary donation, they bring a can of food – we collected an impressive total of 1196 cans! These were collected by a representative from the Auckland City Mission and will become part of food parcels for less fortunate families and individuals over the Christmas period.
As Leaders, we felt it was necessary to raise awareness around the importance of voting to our fellow Year 13s – especially with many students already aged 18, or not far off. We needed to let them know how important it is to make sure their voices are heard at election time; and this was put into practice during the Student Board of Trustee election that took place in Term 3. Congratulations to Lachlan Putt (Year 12) who was elected as the BOT Student Representative for 2017.  Our Social Awareness group also worked with the GBHS Peace Group to organise a Peace Week presentation as well as another mufti day to raise money for KIVA.  KIVA is a non-profit organisation that gives loans to individuals who need the money to low-income entrepreneurs and students in over 80 countries, enabling them to form businesses to survive and provide for their families and communities
This has been an extremely busy year for us and we are very proud of what we have achieved as a group. It has been hugely rewarding planning an event and seeing it come into fruition knowing that you’ve helped members of your community or, people from other communities less fortunate than ourselves.  We would like to thank all those who helped us set up these events and all those who donated. We hope to leave a legacy which promotes a supportive and passionate attitude within our school and wider community.

School Spirit:

 Jessica Bannister, Joseph Hong, Lewis Jellyman, Renee Kohere, Paris Laverty, Kate Lewis, Harry McLoughlin, Phoebe Rooney
During a two night camp in Huia at the start of the year, all of the Student Leaders for 2016 got to know each other better while learning of each other’s strengths and weaknesses. This was a great experience, going on bushwalks and participating in team building games.
As Spirit Leaders, we feel confident in the goals we have achieved throughout 2016 of promoting positivity and involvement to our peers. Hard work and communication helped us pull off amazingly successful school-wide House events as we promoted positivity, teamwork and involvement for all.  Working as a team, we have brought students together through fun school events, such as promoting peace to the school and holding a paper crane competition.
Our frequent assemblies held throughout the year kept students aware of upcoming school events. Athletics day, although cut short due to the weather, was still an occasion for students to dress up in their House colours and represent their classes with pride. Nothing beats watching a student in a cookie monster costume run the 100m race!
Master Chef was a great success, congratulations to Eve Buley (A9GEO) and Prayer Skinner (K0BRO) in 1st equal, and other finalists Jennifer Rogers (M13MAX), Grace Melville (K10GLV), Harrisen Woodward (W9PRI), also Melissa Kapma (P13FIS) who decorated cupcakes and made gourmet pasta to win top House points.
It was awesome to see students and staff coming together as one to support their Houses and show off their muscles in the annual tug-o-war event, held in Term 3.