Do you have what it takes to be a great role model, to uphold and instill the school values while working alongside your peers, to continue to make Green Bay High School the best it can be?

Now is the time for Year 12 students to think about becoming young leaders of tomorrow, reach their full potential and take advantage of leadership opportunities available to them. Student Leader application forms are now available for Year 12 students to collect from Student Reception.

To be considered as a Student Leader for 2019, you must hand in a completed application form to Student Reception by Friday 3 August. You need to be endorsed by two current Year 12 students and two current members of staff.

There will be a meeting held for all those interested on Monday 30 July, during lunch time to discuss the position in more detail.

Students are given the opportunity to learn and showcase their leadership talents through various roles within House Leadership and other sporting and cultural activities. Our expectation is that all Year 13 students will provide leadership to the rest of the school and be positive role models for all our students.

This is especially true for those students who are selected as school leaders in Year 13.