Powhiri & Orientation

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Please phone the school office on 817-8173 ext 201 for more information.

POWHIRI & ORIENTATION: Wednesday 3 February 2021
Year 9 students are encouraged to bring the whanau/families to our official welcome. The initial assembly point will be at the front of the school on the grassed area outside Visitor Reception at 9.00am.

The Powhiri will be over by approximately 10.30am. At this time, family members are asked to leave, and students will enter the auditorium where they will meet their form teacher and other class members.

An orientation programme will be run in form classes with the assistance of our fantastic Year 10 and 13 Leaders, This will include information about school routines, school layout, stationery, timetables, activities to assist students with getting to know their new classmates, setting up of devices and an introduction to our school values, The focus is on getting our Year 9 students ‘school ready’.

Please note that students are to be dressed in full school uniform and will be expected to have their electronic device, which should preferably be a Chromebook or a laptop. Refer to our school website for further details on this.

Students should bring a packed lunch and water bottle as the tuck shop will not be open. School will finish at 3.15pm with buses running as usual.

The move from intermediate school to high school can be a significant event for young people. In order to make this change as easy as possible, we run a structured transition programme for all Year 8 students intending to come to Green Bay High School in 2021. This visit is designed to help relieve some of the stress which can be associated with starting at a new school as well as an initial chance to begin building relationships with key people.

Students will attend one of the following dates:

  • Friday 20 November (2020): Green Bay Intermediate, Blockhouse Bay Intermediate and all other intermediate schools
  • Thursday 26 November (2020): Glen Eden Intermediate School (1)
  • Wednesday 2 December (2020): Glen Eden Intermediate School (2)

Each year group has a Level Dean who works closely with your child’s form teacher and subject teachers. the Dean oversees the wellbeing, pastoral care, academic counselling and behaviour management of the students in their cohort, and usually follows their group through to graduation from Green Bay High School. The Dean, therefore, will come to know your child very well, and, along with their form teacher will be a person whom parents and caregivers can contact.

All Year 9 students will be placed into their form classes during their orientation day on Wednesday 3 February 2021. For most students, this will be their class for both Year 9 and 10 where they will do all of their core subjects (i.e English, Maths, Science, Social Studies and PE with Health). Our form classes are carefully created with all decisions being determined holistically, using a broad range of data and information. This includes test scores for reading, comprehension, writing and mathematics/numeracy, as well as overall teacher judgements (OTJs) of a student’s level in different aspects of the curriculum from their intermediate school. We also use the non-verbal reasoning test score from transition visits. Further to this, we have information collected during enrolment interview and a transition profile completed by current year 8 teachers about each student.

Green Bay High School is proud to work alongside Argyle OnLine, allowing you to order your school uniform online, at any time throughout the year. Payments are made by way of credit or debit card, account to account, or cheque. You can also generate a quote to take to WINZ or other charitable organisations. Orders are delivered directly to your door.

FITTING DAYS (December 2020)
You can attend one of our Fitting Days to try on uniform for size.  These days are by appointment only. Contact the school office on 817-8173 ext 201 to secure your time. Please note: Uniform items can only be purchased online directly through Argyle OnLine.

  • Wednesday 16 December (2020) 2.30pm – 6.30pm
  • Thursday 17 December (2020) 2.30pm – 6.30pm
  • Friday 18 December (2020) 9.00am – 3.00pm
  • Saturday 19 December (2020) 9.00am – 2.00pm

All Year 9 students should bring their Chromebooks on the first day of school (Wednesday 3 February 2021). Green Bay High School recommends parents/caregivers wait for timetables to be confirmed (Week 1, 2021) before purchasing stationery for option subjects, i.e. just get the Year 9 Core pack to start the year with.

All stationery items can be brought at a retailer of your choice, however, to make it easier for you Green Bay High School has teamed up with OfficeMax where stationery items for each year level is loaded on to myschool.co.nz for you to view, download or order from. OfficeMax My School benefits are:

  • Competitive prices
  • Free delivery for orders over $46 incl. GST
  • Multiple ordering options: online at myschool.co.nz, telephone 0800 724 440, fax: 0800 367 724, mail order, or OfficeMax retail stores
  • Delivery that suits: you can arrange delivery to your home or workplace, and receive your order during the holidays to allow plenty of time to cover your books
  • Your child will have the correct supplies that will last
  • Choose to pay with your credit/debit card or alternatively pay by cash in an OfficeMax retail store
  • To order my mail order and/or pay by cheque all you have to do is go to myschool.co.nz, select the items you require, and when you get to the checkout, simply click on the Mail Order Form button. This will build a customised mail order form for you to print

NB: Please check the delivery windows at myschool.co.nz to ensure you place your order in time to receive free delivery before the 2021 school year starts.

Charges for subjects, workbooks and compulsory items must be paid at the school Accounts office.

  • Voluntary School Donation: $200 (for first child attending) + $50 (for subsequent siblings attending)
  • Student ID card: $10 (used for borrowing books from the school library, student concession on buses, school-wide printing and photocopying, and exam entry)
  • Subject Fees: There may be workbook and subject fees for some subjects. These costs will be itemised on your child’s school invoice and will also be listed on the Parent Portal for you to view at any time. Please note that Year 9 students have a change of option subjects at the beginning of Term 3, therefore new subject fees will be invoiced at that time.
  • Sport & Extra Curricular: In addition to subject fees, there are extra fees for students involved in sports and other curricular activities. Parent/caregivers will be notified of these fees as they occur. Such costs will be included on your child’s school invoice and will also be listed on the Parent Portal for you to view at any time.

Payments are to be paid at the school Accounts office via cash, cheque, EFTPOS and credit card.  We recommend setting up automatic payments; a small amount each week can be much more manageable.  Our bank account number is 12-3034-0840634-00 please use your child’s student ID number as a reference to appear on our bank statement. Should you have any queries, please contact our Account Manager, Debbie Tonkin, for more information on 817-8173 ext 210.

Blended Learning is learning that integrates digital resources and web based learning with traditional face-to-face tasks in a planned, pedagogically sound manner. Learning is at the heart of blended learning – not technology; technology is the tool we will use.

Green Bay High School is a blended learning school, which means that all students are requested to bring a 1:1 computing device to school. The method of content delivery will be through a blend of Google Classroom and traditional teaching tools. Each student will have their own unique Green Bay High School account giving them access to Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Classroom, Google Sites, and a whole host of other digital platforms. The students will utilise their devices in a myriad of different ways across earning areas.

To accommodate the wide variety of demands, needs and uses across our learning areas, the devices will need to be suitable for typing and editing documents, manipulating photos, collaborating online and using internet resources and tools. At Green Bay High School, the device must be a laptop form factor, That is, it is either a Chromebook, Laptop, Ultrabook or Macbook. ipads or other tablet devices are NOT suitable for our blended learning programme.

One of the many realities of computing in a school environment is that students require a highly portable device with a very long battery life, Students must carry their device from class to class every hour and will not be able to rely on having an opportunity or place to recharge their battery during the day. In addition to this, student devices must also be wireless and internet capable, have a good warranty and be robust which often means the build quality of the device should be high.

For more information about blended learning and choosing an appropriate device, please click here.