JETS athletes, 2019

Applications now open!
Students who would like to apply for a position on the school JETS squad are invited to attend a meeting at lunchtime on Friday 16 March, in G1, with Mr. Brandt.

The focus of JETS is around sports psychology and the importance of overcoming barriers and adapting to challenges elite athletes may face. This will be implemented by a trainer from AUT Millennium coming in twice a week to coach the athletes on these aspects, as well as correct training techniques in the gym. For more information about our school JETS programme, please click here.

The JETS athletes along with some of our JETS Stream athletes will enjoy the outstanding facilities at Les Mills New Lynn this year. A massive thank you goes to Phil Kingi (Les Mills Personal Trainer, and past pupil of GBHS) for all his support in making this happen.

Junior Elite Training Squad (JETS) is a group of up to 10 Green Bay High School students who are identified for their sporting potential.

Junior Elite Training Squad (JETS) is a group of up to 10 Green Bay High School students who are identified for their sporting potential. They are selected based on a number of attributes and not just their current sporting performance. Selectors will be looking at students’ attitude, current performance both academically and sporting, and where the student wants to go. This Squad brings together a partnership that can provide the best possible environment for a developing athlete.

The partners within the programme are AUT Millennium and Green Bay High School. This was the first programme of its kind, that we are aware of, to be set up in New Zealand Secondary Schools.

The JETS programme will focus on a holistic approach to supporting these students; it will provide them with the following structures:

• Academic support and guidance on a weekly basis
• Goal setting and planning both academic and sporting
• Time management support – Balance between academic and sport
• Personal development – managing self
• Full athlete assessment from AUT Millennium Sport Science
• Full athlete profile and individual training programmes
• Continual support from AUT Millennium in all aspects throughout the year
• Opportunity to gain financial assistance in their chosen sport

Financially this programme will not cost students anything to be involved, all students will be funded to participate in this programme. In terms of student commitment to the programme we will be expecting a lot from each individual. They will be asked to sign a contract along with their family to agree to the conditions of this programme. They will be expected to attend all planned classroom sessions, gym sessions and trainings that are established in their schedule. They will be expected to maintain a satisfactory level of academic success and achieve all set goals both academically and sporting. If students fail to adhere to their contract over a set period of time, they will be asked to leave and be replaced by the next suitable student.

Each student’s goal will be different and our aim is to ensure we provide the best possible support to help the student achieve this. Many of them will be aiming to reach international sporting success and along with this we can show them the opportunities such as athlete scholarships in US Colleges etc. that could be available to them. By working with AUT Millennium we can help them to network with the right people and find the path they need to succeed.