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Accelerated Learning

The LEAP (Learning Enrichment & Acceleration Programme) is for academically able students who also demonstrate task commitment and creativity in areas of interest and in which they have special ability. There are a number of learning enrichment and acceleration opportunities available at Green Bay High School. These include selection for the upper band Year 9 and Year 10 core classes, a learning enrichment option class and separate curriculum enrichment opportunities in selected areas.

Classes move at an accelerated pace, providing students time to do more in-depth investigations of topics of interest. Individual Educational Planning (IEP) is provided for very high ability students who are capable of independent investigations of subject content and demonstrate creative or innovative thinking in their approach to their learning. Enrichment specialist staff members will supervise these students during special enrichment classes.

Students are selected for the upper band classes in Year 9 and Year 10 in a number of ways. These can include a combination of PAT and/or asTTle test results, teacher or parent nominations and/or consideration of student portfolio work.

Selected students who demonstrate exceptional ability in areas of interest but who may have learning difficulties or are underachieving in other areas of their schooling, will have individualised education planning provided to help them to reach their potential. Similarly, students who are clearly academically advantaged for their age will also require education plans to ensure they are suitably challenged. Parents and students are encouraged to be involved in the development of these education plans. Additional opportunities for enrichment may be negotiated so that students can pursue further research or study in areas of special ability under the supervision of the enrichment specialist teacher.

Year 9 and Year 10 students may apply to join the L.E option (Learning Enrichment) – a two semester course – or be referred by teachers. Students develop and learn to use a personal ‘tool kit’ and are provided with information to help them evaluate own thinking behaviours, learning styles and use their strengths to maximise their own achievements. This programme allows students to pursue an area of interest within a particular field for an extra-curricular award or competition. Problem solving strategies are supplied and evaluated in practical contexts, helping to develop teamwork skills through cooperative learning. Parents are encouraged to review the growing portfolio of work collated during the semester. The strategies gained from this ‘thinking toolkit’ can be applied to work in other subject areas.