Information Evening

Thursday 1 December, 2016
Green Bay High School’s Learning and Assessment Support Co-ordinator, Sarah Barrett-Hamilton, works closely with Ministry of Education and NZQA to raise awareness of the requirements for students with Special Assessment Conditions.

There are 94 students in the senior school   who have accessed Special Assessment Conditions this year. This is not a reflection of the type of student that attends GBHS, but rather a reflection on how GBHS goes out of its way to assess students who qualify for SACs, otherwise many students would not be picked up.

Next Tuesday morning, 22 November, Green Bay High School is hosting a seminar facilitated by NZQA for representatives from local Secondary School SENCOs, Learning Support Co¬≠ordinators, Principals’ NZQA Nominees, RTLB and MoE Special Needs Advisors who are responsible for organising Special Assessment Conditions for their schools.

An information evening for Year 10 students and their whanau will be held on Thursday 1 December, at 6:30pm in the staff room. The focus is on sharing the application process and also information about how Special Assessment Conditions can be used in the senior school. Year 10 students who accessed Special Assessment Conditions for their end of year exams this year, and their families, are specifically invited but anyone interested is welcome to attend.

For more information, please contact Sarah Barrett-Hamilton.