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Our communications are looking different  – you will have started to notice a change

You will have started to notice a change in the way we look in our school communications. Part of the feedback we received in our strategic review last year suggested we strengthen this aspect of our partnership with families. In response we have been freshening all our communications strategies – website, signage, social media, branding in general. What we value is personal engagement with individuals, but there is no doubt that we need to make better use of the digital technologies available to us to enhance our relationships. Students and staff are busy achieving some amazing things here and we really want everyone to hear all our good news and be up to date with important information.
I have commented already about our new logo, which I signalled to you last year. I talked then of the school being the space in between the blue of the Manukau Harbour and west coast, and the green of the Waitakere Ranges. What fills that space is up to us, as a school community. That is the space where our vision for our school comes alive – the statement ‘innovative, individualised and connected’ must be more than words.

This logo is increasingly evident in our digital communications.  Our new website is intended to be easier to use, interactive and dynamic…much more than a glossy advertisement.  It links to our digital newsletter, our weekly update to our community, but is also the doorway to access our parent and student portals.  And it looks outwards as well – connecting us locally and globally through various social media formats.

In the end of course it is through local connections that we build our own community.  Our new electronic sign is a fast way to make that connection as thousands of local people drive past our school daily.  We want our community to know what is going on in our school.  And when our families visit us we want them to find their way around the school easily – so our directional signage is in the process of being upgraded as well.

Finally, there is no substitute for face to face conversation.  Quality relationships are forged by close interaction, openness to genuine dialogue and mutual respect.  When these elements are present in communications, that is when we get the best results for our students – which is what we all want.

Morag Hutchinson