Items & Prices

Uniform Shop hours
Payment can be made by cash, cheque, eftpos – the Uniform shop is open on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, from 8.20am – 9.20am


BLOUSE: White with short sleeves. Piping detail and school logo on collar. $37.00
SHIRT: White with short sleeves. Piping detail and school logo or pocket. $37.00


SKIRT: Dark navy. Lined with zipped side pocket. $52.00
TROUSERS: Dark navy. $52.00
SHORTS: Dark navy. $37.00


JERSEY: Dark navy with green contrast stripe on neck and school logo  (76cm $76.00), (81cm $79.00), (86cm $82.00), (92cm $85.00), (97cm $89.00), (102cm $92.00), (107cm $95.00), (112cm $97.00), (117cm $101.00).
SCHOOL JACKET: Dark navy waterproof lined jacket with hood, zip pull, zipped pockets and school logo. $76.00
SCARF: Long $12.50, Keyhole $14.00 (OR) plain navy blue.


PE UNIFORM: Dark navy shorts $26.00 and shirt with school logo $33.00
WHITE UNDERSHIRT: (optional) worn under shirt or blouse. $12.00


SHOES: (not sold at school) Plain, black flat leather dress shoes with black laces (OR) Plain black (no writing or logo) sport shoe (not boot) with black laces.
SANDALS: (not sold at school) Black flat sandals with foot and ankle support.
SOCKS: Plain white $12.00 3x pack (OR) Plain black dress socks no logo (OR) regulation long socks $10.00
STOCKINGS: Dark, black opaque (no rips or tears) $7.00


CAP: School cap Velcro: $11.00 Flexi: $15.00 (or) plain navy blue (OR) black (without logos or stickers – not sold at school).
BEANIE: School beanie (OR) plain navy blue (OR) black (without logos) $20.00.
BUCKET HAT: (not sold at school) must be plain navy blue (OR) black.

Non regulation uniform items will be confiscated and students will be given correct uniform (including shoes) from Student Services.
These items must be returned to Student Services in a clean and laundered condition. Any concerns, please phone Sandy Begg, Deputy Principal/Student Services on 817-8173 ext 216.