22 March

Shave/Wacky Wig Day
Over a dozen students (and one staff member) from Green Bay High School have volunteered to Shave for A Cure, we hope the rest will be wearing wacky wigs or hilarious hair-dos, at school next Friday!

Friday 22 March is our school’s Shave For A Cure event. In order to encourage others to get involved (for those who do not want to actually shave their heads) students and staff are encouraged to wear a wacky wig or do something hilarious with their hair. Perhaps create a crazy hair style or add some non-permanent colour for the day! We are not asking students to donate, so no gold coin is necessary, however this is a visual way students can support the Shave For A Cure day.

The following students: Sylvie-Rose Strange (P13TWR), Isabel Smirk (W13HWL), Nicolas Ford (M12ORR), Lucas Rabbidge (M12KRT), Scarlett Boyle (A11DUN), Tim Hopkins (K11PAR), Emma Kemp (A11NGX), Brooke Mclaren (M9TOK), Kendra Taylor (M9JLY) and Year 13 Dean Mr. Logan Gillard have signed up to participate in ‘the great shave’ at lunch time, held in the school Auditorium. Joel Armstrong (A13OVR), Curtis Chapman (M12KRT), Connor Garrett (P11HAN) and Ethan Carter-Johnson (K11PAR) are also Shaving – but not on stage.

They have made a group fundraising page and are aiming to raise a target of $2500. Here is the link to their official fundraising page – for those of you who would like to donate!

If you would like to know more, please contact Assistant Principal, Chris Jordan.