The Green Bay High School 2014 Ball was held at the Pullman Hotel on Friday 27 June.
It was a wonderful occasion with over 320 beautifully dressed students and their partners attending our premier social event. Some amazing photos recorded the evening for ever in all its glory. Check them out on: White Door Event Photography.
Once again the behaviour of our students was exemplary, and the staff in attendance felt both proud and delighted with how the evening went. A very special thank you to the ball committee (pictured): Melissa Fry, Ashley Paul, Noah Smeaton, Tom So, Sammi Moore, Kelly Swan, Andrea Hamlyn, Jess Matthews, Amy Hargreaves, Megan Mitchell, Jessica Webb and Luke Barnaby. Your hard work and efforts ensured the success of the evening. Well done to you all.
– Sandy Begg Teacher In Charge: Green Bay High School Ball.