Sports Awards

Term 3
EXCELLENCE / RAU O TE HUIA: Being outstanding or extremely good.
COURAGE / KO KAURI: Having the mind or spirit that enables you to face difficulty without fear.
RESPECT / HE TANGATA, HE TANGATA: Showing due regard for the feelings, wishes or rights of others.
RESPONSIVENESS / E TIPU E REA: Adapting quickly, positively and appropriately to changing circumstances.

Congratulations to the following students for reflecting our school values in the community during school sports games, tournaments and events:

Excellence: For showing high levels of quality and skill:
Akira Nakanishi – Archery
Erin Gosselman – Netball Premier 2
Sylvie-Rose Strange – Netball Senior A
Madison Forbes – Netball Senior B
Elen Stokes – Netball Senior C
Rose Kelly – Netball Senior D
Katie Walsh – Netball 10A
Brooke Lyons – Netball 10B
Madison Chamberlain – Netball 9A
Emily Shatwell – Netball 9B
Kimberley May – Athletics
Peter Divers – Football Boys’ 2nd XI
Rukun Aaron – Football Boys’ 3rd XI
Oliver Edmonds – Football Boys’ 14A
Cosmo Zavoda – Football Boys’ 14B
Jillan Piloton – Football Girls’ 2nd XI
Jerry Tevaga – Rugby
Oliver Reeves – Rugby
Logan Leaity – Basketball Boys’ U17
Kyuss Bailey – Basketball Boys’ U15
Kyle Bird – Swimming
Hoani Hakiwai – Swimming

Courage: For showing determination and resoluteness:
Dylan Johns – Archery
Kaitlyn Thompson – Netball Premier 2
Adelene Grey – Netball Senior A
Paige Harper – Netball Senior B
Jade Buday – Netball Senior C
Lee Makatoa – Netball Senior D
Annabelle Markham – Netball 10A
Imogen Sweeney – Netball 10B
Imogen Blades – Netball 9A
Dani le Roux – Netball 9B
Laytan Gibbins – Athletics
Aramis Simpson – Football Boys’ 2nd XI
Connor Watson – Football Boys’ 2rd XI
Cameron Wheaton – Football Boys’ 14A
David Guo – Football Boys’ 14B
Amy Cartwright – Football Girls’ 2nd XI
Nathan Newman – Rugby
Eden Dorset – Basketball Boys’ U17
Joshua Shetty – Basketball Boys’ U15
Anneliese Judd – Swimming

Respect: For constantly displaying exceptional sportsmanship:
Jack Anderson – Orienteering
Rebecca Julian – Netball Premier 2
Rose Ursem – Netball Senior A
Truan-Eliki Soloma – Netball Senior B
Sandi Vundla – Netball Senior C
Paige Warren-Nevalagi – Netball Senior D
Elliote Freeman – Netball 10A
Amber Ziegler – Netball 10B
Keira McLean – Netball 9A
Lee van Antwerp – Netball 9B
Connor Mongston – Athletics
Cameron Davis – Football Boys’ 2nd XI
Oliver Marsh – Football Boys’ 3rd XI
Connor Johnson – Football Boys’ 14A
Joseph Johnson – Football Boys’ 14B
Caoimhe Carraher – Football Girls’ 2nd XI
Rowan Rhoades – Rugby
Russell Pilacan – Basketball Boys’ U17
Cromwell Pilacan – Basketball Boys’ U15
Rebecca Julian – Swimming
Jordan Phillips – Aquathon
David Kamonloet – Senior Boys’ Touch
Aryana Gaugatao – Senior Girls’ Touch
Hugo Woodside – Senior Boys’ Softball
Justin Walsh – Senior Boys’ Waterpolo
Lucy Sherson – Senior Girls’ Waterpolo
Isabella Collings – Senior Girls’ AFL
Alex Barber – Ultimate Frisbee
Jess Rowe – Ultimate Frisbee
Aryana Gaugatao – Premier Netball
Benjamin Coyle-Smith – Football Boys’ 1st XI
Terry Beatson – Mountain Biking
Alyssa Malamatenios – Girls’ Rugby League
Milan Soma – Boy’s Rugby League
Bailey Buckingham – Premier Boys’ Basketball
Isabel Smirk – Football Girls’ 1st XI
Christopher Collier – Squash
Amber Bailey – Surfing
Levi Brinsdon – Boys’ Volleyball