Our Mission, Vision, Values

Respectful learning
Our school Values guide us – you will see these values reflected in the way we do things at Green Bay High School.

Our Mission: Enabling Learning

Our Vision: Learning that is innovative, individualised and connected.

Our Values:

Excellence / Hiranga
Being outstanding or extremely good

Courage / Māia
Having the mind or spirit that enables you to face difficulty without fear

Respect / Manaakitanga
Showing due regard for the feelings, wishes or rights of others

Responsiveness / Whakahoki Kōrero
Adapting quickly, positively and appropriately to changing circumstances

Our Code of Rights

At Green Bay High School we have the right to:
Learn and teach without interruption
Learn and teach in a safe environment
Be treated with courtesy and respect
Have pride in ourselves and our community
Have a comfortable and stimulating learning environment

At Green Bay High School we have the responsibility to:
Allow others to learn
Keep our school a safe and healthy place
Treat others with courtesy and respect
Act in ways that build a positive image
Keep our school tidy and attractive

Complaints and Procedures

Definition: A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction about the standards of service, actions or lack of action by staff, or actions directly affecting student achievement or well-being. Procedures are required to ensure that complaints from staff, students, parents/caregivers or members of the public are dealt with fairly, with due seriousness and with a degree of uniformity.  CLICK HERE for more information regarding Principles, Procedures and Process.