School Ball

12 April, 2019

Tickets Sales and Behaviour

Venue: THE PULLMAN HOTEL, Cnr Princes Street & Waterloo Quadrant, Auckland City, Friday 12 April 2019, from 7.30pm – 12 midnight

1. Sale of tickets:
• All tickets will be sold from the Accounts office. Tickets cost $110 per person.

2. Only Year 12 and 13 students who are still at school can buy tickets.

3. Behaviour:
• The Ball is a school function and we expect those attending to meet our usual high standards of behaviour. Dress will be formal.
• The school has the right to refuse admission to, or to send home, anyone who appears to be under the influence of alcohol or any illegal substance.
• Entry will be refused to anyone who tries to bring alcohol into the Ball whether there is evidence that they have been drinking or not.
• Students who are sent home or not admitted will not have their money refunded.
• No-one is permitted to smoke at the Ball.
• Once students and their partners have come into the venue they will not be allowed to leave and then later re-enter the Ball.

4. Tickets:
• Before buying tickets students must collect from the office a copy of Mrs Barker’s letter to parents and bring back to the office the signed slip from the bottom of the letter.
• Individual students may buy a ticket for themselves and one other ticket for a named and approved partner.
• Approval for the partner will be given by Sandy Begg – see No. 6.
• No student can buy more than two tickets.
• Students who are not going to the Ball cannot buy tickets for anyone else.

5. Tickets are not transferable:
If students change their mind about going to the Ball they must return the ticket to the office. A student will not be allowed in if she/he has a ticket with another student’s name on it.

6. Partners:
Before buying tickets, students wishing to take a partner to the Ball must collect from the office a copy of the form asking for approval to bring a partner to the Ball.
• Once this has been filled in and signed the form is to be taken to Sandy Begg for her approval and signature.
• When the completed form is taken back to the office and the two tickets may be bought.

Fiona Barker