German Olympiad

Representing Green Bay High School
Congratulations to Year 11 student, Rose Ursem, who has been selected to represent Green Bay High School, at the German Language Olympics, in August this year.

A few weeks ago, Rose, and other German language students: Ellie Stiggers, Janine Kaminski, and Natalie Watson sat the ‘Fit in Deutsch 1 Exam’ to qualify for the German Olympiad, and all of them passed with “Sehr gut”- Excellence.

The Goethe-Institut’s German Olympiad, held in Thailand, is a German language competition like no other!

Around the world, 12.8 million young people are learning German at secondary schools. This year, the best of them are invited to this event. Apart from enjoying the competitive element, the aim of the competition is intercultural exchange, where young people from all over the world will be united by their enthusiasm for the German language.