Restorative Practice

Positive and respectful relationships
At Green Bay High School we believe positive and respectful relationships are fundamental. Our student management system is underpinned by the principles of restorative practice. This requires individuals to accept responsibility for their actions, reflect on their behaviour and to repair harm caused. Restorative practice is demonstrated in many ways – via brief informal conversations in classrooms, through to full class circles and formally scripted community conferences. Green Bay High School has engaged fully in restorative practices since 2008.

Positive Behaviour for Learning

Since 2014, the school has also embraced PB4L (Positive Behaviour for Learning). This provides a framework for explicit teaching of our school values of excellence, respect, responsiveness and courage. 

Members of our school community are recognised and acknowledged for demonstrating our values.The Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) team at Green Bay High School is continuing to build a school culture where positive behaviour and learning is encouraged, recognised and rewarded.

PB4L is based on systems and practices which are in place to support students to make positive behaviour choices.

GBTs (Good Behaviour Tags) are part of our reward system. Students will be issued with a red tag that they then can collect and cash in for prizes at our PB4L shop.

Further information can be found by visiting: or by contacting Anjie Savage (ex 265) or Sandy Begg (ex 216).