Thrill Seekers and Physics

All in a days’ work
Physics in motion: pictured above are Jacob van Orsoy de Flines, Reuben Price, Jin Lee, Donovan Warren-Nevalagi, and Luca Belaunzaran displaying varying states of pre-adrenaline contemplation and expectations!

Year 13 Physics and Calculus students attended a field trip to Rainbow’s End at the end of term 1, to collect data and information for their assessments, both internal and external.

Students were actively engaged in analysing the physics of theme park rides, in order to gather information to complete an internal assessment connected to this trip worth 3 NCEA level credits towards Merit/Excellence endorsement.

This was also an opportunity for all students to apply the concepts they have learnt in context for end of year examinations that would otherwise not be available to them in a classroom situation.