The Peer Sexuality Support Programme (PSSP) is a school based programme which is about helping students to make informed decisions about their own health and well-being.

Each year a group of Green Bay High School students volunteer to be a part of the PSSP team, and are trained by Auckland Sexual Health Services to work in a support and referral role with their peers.

This year’s team at Green Bay High School are: Joel Armstrong, Rebecca D’Souza, Katharine Dunser, Willa Langveld-Simpson, Monique Logan, Jasper O’Kane, Isaac Pont, Karanama Ruru, and Rose Ursem. Each of them have been on a four day experiential, residential hui at the Kiwanis Camp in Huia, where they joined with students from other schools to learn about how to support wellbeing among their peers including learning about sexuality and sexual health, body image, and promoting positive and supportive relationships within our school community.

Through a number of workshop presentations students are provided with accurate information and access to resources which they can then use to assist others within their communities when they return to school, both in conversations with their peers and through running health promotions within the school.