Out NOW!

Available on the Parent Portal

Individual Progress Reports are available for viewing / printing / downloading, from the Parent Portal.

For families who do not have internet access, we encourage you to contact the office on 817-8173 ext 201 to make alternative arrangements. Lost your Parent Portal access information? Simply contact us and we can send you a copy of your Username and Passwords. This is also a timely reminder to update your contact and email details. Please email [email protected] .

Green Bay High School aims to provide reporting that is:

  • More frequent so that families are informed in a timely manner and closer to the points of assessment.
  • More closely aligned with our Academic Counselling strategy, including information on student goals and targets as well as specifics on academic progress.
  • An invitation to connect directly with teachers through follow-up emails when more information is required.
  • Cost effective and timely – particularly with the price of conventional postage and the limited service of postal deliveries.

Of course the face-to-face value of Parent/Student/Teacher conferences remains the most important contact we have and that will always stay in place. We look forward to meeting you at upcoming Parent/Student/Teacher conferences (14 – 15 August, 2019).