Green Bay High School International Student Refund Policy

Signing the International Student Application form evidences parents understand and acceptance of the Fee Refund Policy.

Regardless of the reason for withdrawal, any unused homestay fees will be refunded.

Tuition and Administration fees will be refunded as follows:

1) If a student fails to commence study, all tuition and homestay fees paid will be fully refunded.  An administration fee of up to $500 may be retained.

2) If an enrolled student at the School fails to secure a Student Visa renewal, tuition fees paid for future terms will be refunded. An administration fee of up to $500 may be retained.

3)  If a student needs to return to their home country due to personal or family reasons a refund will be made on a pro-rata basis. The administration fee may be retained.

4) Where the Applicant gives notice of withdrawal of the student during the term the next term’s tuition fee will be forfeited. For example where written notice is given in term 1, tuition fees for term 2 will be forfeited and the tuition fees paid for terms 3 and 4 may be refunded.

5) If the student wishes to transfer to another school no refund will be given. Students make a commitment to enrol at Green Bay High School for the complete time written on the Offer of Place.

6) Any student who is granted domestic status during the School Year must give one term’s notice of their gaining domestic status as for section 1 above and apply to be re‐enrolled at the School under the conditions of a resident student.

7) Where a student is required to leave the school for criminal behaviour, disciplinary or non‐attendance reasons no refunds will be given.

8) If Green Bay High School is unable to continue to deliver a programme or a student is found on beginning at the school to lack the academic level to enter a programme that they have enrolled in, then an attempt will be made with the parents’ permission to transfer that student to another school. If the student cannot transfer to another school and the student leaves, the unused portion of fees will be refunded.

9) If Green Bay High School ceases to be a signatory to the code or a provider of international education, then the unused portion of any fees will be refunded.

10) The Principal reserves the right to refund fees beyond those required under the policy.

The school will consider requests for a refund of international student fees provided the request is made in writing to the Board of Trustees within twelve months after the final enrolment date of the student.  The request for a refund must set out the circumstances leading to the refund, name the person requesting the refund, name the person who paid the fees, provide a bank account to receive any eligible refund and provide any relevant supporting documentation.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all eligible refunds of fees over NZD$5,000 received from outside of New Zealand will be refunded to a nominated bank account in the country that it was received from.