Green Bay High School is a state co-educational years 9 to 13 secondary school, decile 8, with a growing school roll of about 1350 students. Located on the edge of the Waitakere Ranges, much of the hinterland of the school is native bush reserve and flows down to Auckland’s west coast beaches and Manukau Harbour. It was built between 1972 and 1977 and is surrounded by attractive, park like grounds. The majority of students come from the suburbs of Titirangi, Green Bay and Glen Eden and the semi-rural and bush reserve areas of Laingholm and Huia. Community confidence in the school has grown in recent years, which has been reflected in an expanding roll.  Because of roll growth pressures, the Board of Trustees was instructed to implement an enrolment zone in 2012.

Students achieve well in a school climate where they are respected and where there is focus on student progress and achievement. Our students are expected to focus on excellence, both in work and behaviour, and it is made absolutely clear to them that they are at school to learn.  At the same time the school maintains a reputation for prioritising positive relationships between students and staff as fundamental to an effective learning environment. Student well-being is a priority that drives the guidance and pastoral care programmes in the school.

Academic performance of our students has been on an upward trend in recent years. The school is committed to the national qualification of NCEA which provides a range of qualification pathways, both academic and vocational. Such flexibility means we can meet the wide variety of learning needs of students in the most appropriate manner.  There is a very strong focus on tracking individual progress of students and ensuring that each learner is supported to achieve to their potential…continue reading: click here for a full copy of the Green Bay High School Charter 2018, including:

Part 1: Introduction (Page 1)
School profile and planning processes
School Mission, values and vision

Part 2: Green Bay High School Strategic Plan 2014-2018 (Page 4)
Strategic Plan 2014 – 2018 Overview (Page 4)
Analysis of Variance 2017 (Page 5 – 12)
Student Achievement Targets for 2018 (Page 13-14)
Summary Strategic Annual Planning for 2018 (Page 15-16)

Part 3: Green Bay High School Strategic Annual Plan 2018 (Page 17)
Strategic Priority 1: More students learning and achieving (Page 17)
Strategic Priority 2: A strong culture of professional inquiry (Page 21)

Strategic Priority 3: School of choice for the community (Page 25)