Peace & Technology

Peer Mediators
Six of our school Peer Mediators attended the Secondary Schools’ Peace Symposium with Helen White (Guidance Counsellor) last Wednesday. Pictured above (left to right) are Danielle Inverarity, Anabelle Markham, Danielle Pickett, David Kamonloet, Lennon Harris, and Hannah Limmer (front).

The theme for the Symposium was ‘Peace & Technology’ which will continue with this message during Youth Peace Week (4 – 8 August).

There were outstanding speakers such as Martin Cocker of Netsafe, and Professor Ajit Narayanan from AUT who challenged students to think about ‘Teaching Intelligent Autonomous Machines to be Ethical for the purpose of Peace and Non-Harm to Humans’. Jayde Harding, from Digital Storytelling spoke about how it is possible for anyone to make a difference to the world and the power of the online world. Bonar Bell and Quenelda Clegg, from ChildFund New Zealand, spoke of how technology is influencing community development and inspired dialogue around how technology can be used for global peace.

Danielle Inverarity thoroughly enjoyed the day, saying “From the guest speakers, to the atmosphere of the room, the Peace Symposium has to be the one event that I would recommend for everyone to go to.”

“I really enjoyed working with like minded people from other schools and making new friends. I can’t wait for the 2020 symposium!”

Students also spent the day learning about robotics, being safe online and helped with some problem solving for ChildFund. Our Peer Mediators have been trained in the Leadership Through Peer Mediation for Secondary Schools’ programme facilitated by The Peace Foundation.