Mathematical Minds

Junior Maths Competition
Approximately 10,000 mathematical minds were calculating equations and solving problems on the same day at secondary schools throughout the country during the Otago University Junior Maths Competition, held on Wednesday.

Over 300 of those participants were Year 9, 10 and 11 students in the top band Maths classes (09MAT, 10MAT, 01MAT, 01MTX) from Green Bay High School!

At each level there will be a first prize of $300, a second prize of $250, a third prize of $200, and a number of outstanding awards for $50. Certificates are also awarded for Top 100 and Top 200 placings. In addition, Certificates of Merit will be awarded to approximately the top 15% of students at each level.

Students have one hour to answer six questions out of eight. Strong emphasis is placed on their ability to write down good mathematical explanations for their answers.

Questions will cover a wide spectrum of the Mathematics Curriculum, including a logic problem and a geometry problem. Students will gain confidence from experiencing such exam conditions and their results will put them in good stead for the future.

This annual competition, which first began in 1985 initiated by Professor Derek Holton of the University of Otago Mathematics and Statistics Department, takes place on the same day at schools throughout the country, usually in late March or early April. These dates allow schools time to return test papers before the start of the Easter break, when marking takes place – the top papers at each level are then later check-marked.