The information in the booklet below will be useful as students prepare for their departure from their home country. Among other things it includes some information on living in Auckland, downloading the school app and a packing list. Having a good read of it before arriving will mean students arrive well prepared for their time at Green Bay High School.

Pre Arrival Information

Our most popular start dates are the beginning of Term 1 and the beginning of Term 3. Two day orientations are planned for these times to ensure students are ready to begin classes. Students arriving at other times will have a more intensive shorter orientation with the International Dean.

The purpose of the orientation is to familiarise the new students with the school, buildings, International staff, their rights and responsibilities, some of the school language and so on. There will also be testing to see which students require ESL classes.

We will work through this Orientation Booklet which upon completion will become a useful handbook and reference for students for the duration of their stay in New Zealand.

Student Orientation Booklet

Orientation Haka