Students save lives

Donating Blood
Green Bay High School has made it possible for others to overcome sickness, perhaps even saving lives, as a result of our NZ Blood Drive on Wednesday.

Donating blood literally saves lives. There is no instant gratification for those who donate. They are asked personal questions, weighed, and jabbed with a needle. But it is through these courageous and selfless actions, that our school community were able show just how much they value helping others.

This year the Green Bay High School Blood Drive was as successful as ever. A huge ‘congratulations’ must go to the Year 13 Leadership Team, who made the NZ Blood Drive such a success, with over 90 people registering, and over 70 meeting able to donate.

NZ Blood nurses were full of praise for our school’s participants, at Wednesday’s Blood Drive and commented once again, that the students were polite, courteous and helpful. This was yet another example of our students being fantastic ambassadors for Green Bay High School, and contributing to the needs of the wider community in the process.

What a fantastic effort!