Learning Enrichment

and Acceleration Programme
A group of Green Bay High School students are leaping out of bed bright and early in the mornings to tackle some big mathematical problems!

Year 9 students who scored highly in Number and Algebra tests are now part of a school Maths Club, held every Wednesday morning, starting at 7.30am as part of the Junior LEAP (Learning Enrichment and Acceleration Programme).

This programme is designed to help extend high-ability students so they remain engaged and suitably challenged in Mathematics. Under the guidance of Head of Calculus teacher, Mr Vikash Ghoorah, students are given the opportunity to build upon basic problem-solving skills and gain confidence and understanding to tackle harder maths problems.

Students who consistently achieve to a high level in the Junior LEAP mathematics programme will be considered for acceleration into the Year 11 extension mathematics course the following year. This will combine NCEA Levels 1 and 2 Achievement Standards and students will have a pathway tailored to their individual learning needs.

This week, there has been some great progress on expanding and simplifying algebraic expressions and algebraic manipulations, with discussions and questions solved to check understanding. These lessons are uploaded to each student’s google classroom account, parents/caregivers are encouraged to check progress.

LEAP students are strongly encouraged to enter the upcoming Otago Junior Maths competition. Entry is now open for all Year 9 to Year 11 students. This competition is very popular in NZ and helps develop problem-solving skills which last well beyond school. Last year GBHS had 300 entries! The entry fee is $5. Please register with your Maths teacher.