All About Me

Endometriosis Education in Schools
All About Me Program – Endometriosis Education in Schools is a well-health secondary school education program.

Designed to fit in with the NZ school curriculum, All About Me Program – Endometriosis Education in Schools, is age appropriate and uses a variety of teaching strategies, presenting techniques and educational tools to promote thinking and action. Click here for more information.

On Monday 18 June, guest speakers will be coming to Green Bay High School from Endometriosis NZ to speak to all female students about endometriosis and menstrual health.

The sessions will run as follows:
Period 1 (8.40am – 9.40am) – Years 9 and 12
Period 3 (11.25am – 12.25pm) – Years 10 and 13
Period 5 (2.15pm – 3.15pm) – Year 11

Please contact Deputy Principal/Student Services, Sandy Begg or Dean of Student Support & Wellbeing, Anjie Savage if you have any questions.