Impressing the Experts

AMA (Auckland Mathematical Association) together with ACEMS (ARC Centre of Excellence for Mathematical and Statistical Frontiers) recently facilitated a math problem workshop presented by inspirational mathematician Anthony Harradine, from Melbourne University.

On Saturday morning – the first day of the term break, Maths teacher Cindy Ding accompanied four of our finest 02Calculus students: Beck Busch, Luca Belaunzaran, Zara Collins and Miles Scherer to the Auckland MathsCraft* problem solving workshop.

Approximately 30 students from ten secondary schools in Auckland were invited to attend, with several attempting to solve a range of puzzles. One in particular, entitled ‘Safe Integers’ stumped many attempts from students from other school – however, it was our very own Miles Scherer (Year 11 student studying Year 12 Calculus), who was the only one able to generalise the rule/Theorem – and have it approved by Anthony, the mathematician from Melbourne University!

Beck Busch (Year 12) was also amazing with his coding skills, and was able to use the programme he built on his graphics calculator to further progress the discovery of a new rule, during another problem solving activity. Anthony (the mathematician) was so impressed by Beck’s coding prowess that he asked for Beck’s contact details, saying Beck’s expertise may be called upon to help upgrade the graphics calculator!

*This program is based on mathematical research and problem solving, and does not involve the use of mathematics within craft activities as a similarly named programme suggests.