Butterfly Effect of Mathematical Minds

A select group of Year 13 students studying Level 3 NCEA Mathematics were invited to attend a lecture by Dr Jennifer Creaser at the University of Auckland, earlier this week.

Specifically aimed at secondary students interested in future studies in mathematics, the lecture “Chaos Theory: Blame it on the weather?” looked at the mathematics behind weather patterns, describing mathematical equations on how to identify chaos regions in the Lorenz system, which is a set of chaotic solutions that when plotted, resemble a butterfly or figure eight.

The students involved were Georgia Crosby, Holly Gallagher, Dultih Hewage, Victor Fleuriau Chateau, Peggy Tey, Jun Selwyn, Kayu Gen, Jihad Taqieh, Lenny Evans, Mitchell Rogers, Zac Bowden, Kelan Perott.