Basketball Boys

Seeking A Grad Promotion
Green Bay High School Basketball has finished top 2 in their pool and will now qualify for a chance at promotion to Senior A grade for the first time EVER!

Their 37-36 win against Waitakere College on Wednesday evening means they will go on to playoff for a chance at promotion.

The game certainly kept our team (and supporters) on their toes! Waitakere were down by 2 points and fouled Russell Pilacan (Year 12) with just 4 seconds left in the game. Russell hit both foul shots to put GBHS up by 4, and make it a 2 possession game under huge pressure! Waitakere came down the courts and hit a three pointer from just inside half way, making the foul shots Russell hit that much more important.

Pictured above are Ethan Cole (Year 13) in mid air, who led the way with 20 points and 12 rebounds in the game, and Russell Pilacan (Year 12) attacking the zone.