HOD Music

Music Maestro
Green Bay High School’s Music department will be humming to a different beat, thanks to the talented musical passion of Maestro Stewart Allan, our new Head of Department (Music). We are very pleased to welcome local Titirangi resident, Stewart Allan, who brings with him a wealth of musical experience and knowledge.

Stewart was previously Head of Faculty: Performing Arts at St Cuthbert’s College, where he shared his love of music for the past 13 years.  With over 20 years teaching experience in a range of educational contexts including Senior and Middle Management in both co-educational and single-sex schools, Stewart is looking forward to building the momentum of Green Bay Music with its already marvellous music programme and fine-tuning it into a multi-faceted raft of opportunities for all students of the school.

“To begin with, we will be initiating a music partnership programme with neighbouring Green Bay School, gradually expanding the musical options to include Jazz, Strings, Orchestral, Choral, Rock, Song Writing and Sound Recording. I’d like us to be a leading light in sound design within five years.”

Stewart enjoys creating and supporting cutting edge educational programmes that seek to ignite the learner in all students, to help them find their individual and collective strengths, and validate their personal experiences. His plans will seek to engage the community fully in the process. “You can expect to hear the results pouring out of the school and into your homes," he says. 

“I’m thrilled to be returning all that I have learnt, in the education sector and music industry, back to the talented young musicians of my local community, says Stewart. “I believe that Music education enables the student to develop highly desirable skills in areas such as self-management, teamwork, problem-solving, and communication; all of which makes them an attractive prospect for potential employers. Music study encourages us to pursue the highest standards for ourselves.”

Stewart has been a professional musician for most of his life, winning singing awards as a 20-year-old behind the Iron Curtain, touring Poland, Russia, England, Japan and New Zealand and directing and writing music for stage and screen. Stewart sings, plays guitar, piano and sitar, and writes and performs his own material. In 1992 he sang backing vocals on Shona Laing’s worldwide release ‘New on Earth’, and has recorded his own solo album ‘Shimmer’ in the world-famous Abbey Road Studios.