Pop-Up Globe

Art Competition
Lily Ward’s passion for art is soaring to new heights at the Pop-up Globe!

Lily (Year 9) set to work to create a stunning image of a native bird in flight, after being encouraged to enter a competition by her Form teacher, Melissa Tonkin.

We are pleased to announce that Lily’s design of a Kea in flight (pictured above) was one of 50 images selected to be part of a specially designed canvas for the roof of the Pop-up Globe, decorated with a hand-painted sky-design incorporating native New Zealand birds flying to the heavens. As part of her prize, Lily also won free tickets to a show.

Pop-up Globe will be open for business in Auckland this winter for the very first time, thanks to the new roof design which allows the theatre to be used year-round.

Be sure to get your Shakespeare on at the Pop-up Globe at this year’s winter (July/August) festival! Watch a dramatic theatre or two…or just gaze up at the ceiling and be amazed with the artwork above!