Our library provides an excellent environment for students to read and study.

Our library team are always available to assist students and staff. 

Library Hours

Pictured (left) are Year 13 students, Katlyn Bell Saunders and Beck Busch, continuing with their studies in the makeshift library situated in the Mana Tangata building.

Green Bay High School has undergone a number of building renovations and improvements over the past few years, and now, after much anticipation, it is B Block and the Library’s turn!

The last few years have been extremely dynamic ones for our school with a multi-million dollar property upgrade: Sports/PE facilities completed 2015-2017; 2014 total refurbishment of Mathematics block into a modern learning environment; 2013 the new Languages and International Education facility opened: and these match the new buildings and renovations related to Technology, Science, Arts, Administration and Student Services and the Performing Arts Centre.

Librarian Robyn Achmad and her team have made a warm and welcoming atmosphere for students to continue enjoying the library services, while the existing Library and B Block undergo their much anticipated facelift.

The ‘Mana Tangata Library’ is now open for business Monday to Friday, from 8.00am – 3.15pm and during interval and lunchtime. Students can return library books either to the library or to the Library Book Box at Student Reception.  Using the Monitor box students can load coins onto their Student ID Card for printing credit. The photocopier has been relocated from the old library and students can print to this copier. A Cloud function, enabling students to send a print job to the library copier from anywhere online, is available for black and white print jobs.

We are very proud of the way in which the whole school has managed a significant amount of change, without losing the most valued aspect of its character…an emphasis on positive, respectful relationships. With our continued strong focus on student achievement we know the school is heading in the right direction.


Click on the EBOOK PORTAL tab below to access the school’s eBook platform. Alternatively, you can download the ePlatform by Wheelers App to your device for easy access. Sign in with your computer log on to borrow a range of eBooks in epub and pdf forms. eBooks are free to borrow and can be downloaded to a compatible device. You can borrow two eBooks at a time for a loan period of two weeks. Students and staff have access to around 1,700 eBook titles via the GBHS ePortal.


Library Services

  • A collection of approximately 9,500 books and magazines for you to use and borrow. A selection of 1,700 eBooks for you to borrow and download to your device
  • Photocopier for black and colour copying and for printing from school computers and your device
  • Information File of newspaper and magazine articles on a variety of topics for research
  • New Zealand Herald available to read
  • Library staff to help you use the library facilities

Borrowing Printed Library Books

Students may borrow up to four books at a time. Please present your ID card or timetable when borrowing a book in the library. The loan period is three weeks and the due date will be stamped at the back of the book.  If a book is currently on loan to another borrower you can place a reserve on the title by clicking on the Reserve tab in the library catalogue and loading your student ID number.

Students are expected to return borrowed books on time either to the Mana Tangata Library or to the drop box via Student Services. An invoice will be sent home for any books that are not returned or are lost or damaged.

Library Collection

You can access the GBHS Library Catalogue in the library to search for a book.  Non-fiction books are arranged using the Dewey Decimal System, which means that each book has a number on its spine for easy location.

The Reference books and Desk Copy books are not available for loan out, but may be used by students in the library.

The fiction collection consists of novels, short stories and graphic comics. Fiction books are divided into various areas: Junior Fiction, General Fiction (includes Senior Fiction novels) and Easy Readers (short novels).

There is a small foreign language collection of books in various languages. A comprehensive range of ESA Study Guides for years 9-13 are available for students to borrow.

Printing to the Library Photocopier

Print jobs can be sent to the library photocopier from any computer in the school and from a Chromebook and some other devices. In order to have printing credit on your Student ID Card you load coins onto it using the Monitor Box located on the wall in the library adjacent to the photocopier. Students can check their printing credit by swiping their ID card on the monitor box.

Printing Costs:  A4 black: 10 cents, A4 colour: 40 cents, A3 black: 20 cents, A3 colour: 80 cents

After you click on the Print icon you should select the following print options:
Konica Library BW for black print jobs
Konica Library PS for colour jobs
Print jobs will automatically print to the middle of the photocopier in the library

Printing from a device:
Click on Change, click on GBPS01_GooglePrinter (you are using Google Cloud Print)
Once you have checked the various print settings, click on Print. Sometimes your print job will release automatically in the middle of the library photocopier. If your job does not print automatically you will need to swipe your ID Card on the swipe system at the right of the photocopier or alternatively type in your student ID number. This may then release your print job. If not press the print release tab on the screen of the photocopier and then press the print release tab once more to print out your print job.

Library Staff

The library has a team of three staff who have professional library experience. We are here to help you learn how to use the library so please ask for assistance. The Library team is: Robin Achmad (Manager), and Library Assistants Julie Buchanan and  Jenny Wrigley.