North Asia CAPE Secondary Schools’

Weekend opportunity
Last Saturday, a group of language students took part in an inaugural one day language conference, bringing together secondary-school students studying Korean and Japanese from across the Auckland Region for an interactive language and culture conference at the University of Auckland.

Language teacher, Beate Starke, took a group of Year 9 and Year 10 students to the first ever North Asia CAPE (Centre of Asia-Pacific Excellence) Secondary Schools’ Language Conference.

Livi Aliani, Andrew Go, Sarah Luxton, Summer Murphy, Tasi O’Neill, Dakota Packwood, Caitlin Schroder, and Joseph Youn participated in a series of language workshops and practiced their language skills in a fun and social environment.

The conference aims to demonstrate the advantages of having a second-language when making future career choices. Highlights of the day were tasting Japanese and Korean cuisine and taking part in traditional and not-so-traditional past times, such as K-Pop and taekwondo.